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The latest in Torrot


His Majesty King Felipe VI has first-hand knowledge of Torrot's new Velocipedo

His Majesty King Felipe VI has first-hand knowledge of Torrot's new Velocipedo during his visit to the Company's stand at the Andalusian Digital Week. The monarch has been interested in the technical and technological characteristics of the new interconnected and three-wheeled vehicle that Torrot will start manufacturing this year and whose first units are already in pre-order.


Torrot debuts as a Formula E partner in Mexico

Torrot joins the top sustainable electric-motor competition. Fomula E drivers and their teams, from the International Automobile Federation (FIA), are already using the Spanish Tech company’s electric bikes and motorcycles in each of the Grand Prix of this competition.

De izquiera a derecha Ricky Rubio, Iván Contreras y Rafael Contreras en Salt Lake (Utah) rumbo a la movilidad sostenible de Torrot.jpg

Torrot achieves a turnover of 39.3 million in 2017, 171 % more than in 2016

- The Company ends 2017 with a turnover of 39.3 million euros, which represents an increase of 171 percent with respect to 2016 (14.5 million euros).
- Torrot Tech, the business area of ??technological developments, has achieved a turnover of 2.1 million euros in just one year which already accounts for 5.3 percent of the Company's total revenues.
- Both the technology and the zero-emission electric motor have boosted sales with 9,902 manufactured vehicles, consolidating Torrot's position as the leading technology company in sustainable mobility of two-and three-wheeled vehicles in Europe.


The new Torrot Velocipedo revolutionizes the world of urban mobility at the EICMA show in Milan

- The presentation of the new Torrot Velocipedo arouses the admiration of the public of the Milan Motorcycle Show
- Torrot's revolutionary vehicle fully meets the expectations generated before its global presentation and becomes the new flagship product from the electric vehicle manufacturer in the midst of a great media whirlwind
- The company takes advantage of the largest international two-wheel showcase to present its new models of electric bikes, Dakota and Visiobike, and the first trial-excursion bike, the new Torrot Movak